Set Up Guide

Please only use this once your access is setup, remember that after you place your order you have to email us with your TradingView username for us to setup your access.

  1. Click this link
  2. Scroll down and hit add to favorites
  3. Hit the chart icon at the top of your screen and open a new chart
  4. Click on the Indicators tab
  5. Select the Enhanced Trades Algo in the favorites section
  6. Open up the Enhanced Trades Algo settings by clicking on the gear icon when you hover over the algo at the top left
  7. Now change line from dashed to solid



If you would like to have the chart colors just like mine then please follow these instructions.

  1. Hit the gear icon at the top right of your chart
  2. Now match each section to the exact way I have it, and for the appearance just make the color black 

    Change the color to Black the color option at the top right once you click on the color box

    If you still need help you can always watch my 2 setup videos here

    Part 1

    Part 2

  3. Happy Trading!